Google My Business Optimization Ranked the Most Important Local Marketing Service

Google My Business optimization, not website optimization, has been ranked as the most important local marketing service in 2020.

Google My Business optimization – not website optimization – has been ranked as the most important local marketing service in 2020.

Also, on-site optimization ranks as the second most important local marketing service, according to BrightLocal’s yearly local search industry survey.

Comprised of 475 local marketers, the survey considers business practices, salary, pricing, and services offered by local marketers.

The survey ranked 5 services in order of importance;

1. Google My Business optimization

2. On-site optimization

3. Reputation management

4. Citation management

5. Website design

Furthermore, local marketers currently offer Google My Business optimization more than any other service, including conventional SEO. The 5 most common services provided by local marketers include:

1. GMB optimization

2. SEO audits/analysis

3. On-site optimization

4. Reporting/analytics

5. Citation management

The survey also ranks Link building as one of the least most offered services, with only 50% of marketers listing the service in their offerings. Thus, as a local marketer, there is an opportunity to provide a unique service offering.

SEO Remains the Ultimate Service for Attracting New Business

Despite not being the most requested service, or the most in-demand, local marketers still regard SEO as the most effective online strategy for enticing new clients. Similarly, LinkedIn, PPC, and Content marketing was listed as other key online channels.

Unarguably, word of mouth is still regarded as the most effective all-round method for landing clients. Likewise, industry conferences and local business groups are also trusted ways of winning clients.

Google Rankings Take Precedence for Most Businesses

Google rankings remain the most treasured local marketing metric for most local businesses. Also, results from the survey indicate that Google rankings hold more importance than new leads and customers for most businesses.

The 5 most relevant local marketing metrics valued by businesses include;

1. Google rankings

2. New customers

3. New leads/inquiries

4. Organic traffic

5. Number of new reviews

It is crucial to keep the above-listed metrics in mind when making your client monthly report.

Check out the full survey report for more information on the local marketing industry in 2020.

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