The key outcomes we produce

More Qualified Leads

You tell us what characteristics define a qualified lead for your business and we build targeted campaigns with Facebook Ads to drive those people to your website or landing page.

Scheduled Conversations

When people arrive on your website and meet the criteria for a qualified lead, they schedule a conversation with your salespeople. This happens automatically, all day and all night.


More Revenue & Profit

It's a simple calculation; more qualified leads without increasing your ad spend will always lead to more revenue and profit for your growing business.

The Methods We Use

Here’s the marketing disciplines we're focused on.

Drive Traffic

We use a multi-channel approach combining the likes of Facebook ads, search engine optimization, and more.

Landing Pages

We build highly converting landing pages and continually optimize them for fantastic conversion rates.


We love Conversion Rate Optimization. It's all about experimentation which leads to innovation thanks to the data.

Drift Chatbots

Drift is the only true conversational marketing platform and produces impressive results for our clients.

Marketing Automation

We set up systems that segment your website audience and market to them based on their attributes and actions.

Data Analysis

Data lets us know if our efforts are working or not, what we need to fix and what we should double down on.

How We Get Results

Here’s the process we use to generate results for our clients.

We start by putting ourselves in your shoes, imagining what it’s like to face your challenges and have your aspirations. Together we align on objectives and a clear view of what success looks like for you.


We create a plan that seeks to exceed our shared objectives and view of success. We’ve learned if we shoot for results beyond your expectations we hit our agreed-upon targets faster and we’re all happier for it.


We go from planning to action quickly. We understand the value of time and speed of deployment and results is the most common desire among our clients. So we put the foot to the metal and get down to work.


We consistently create small experiments in all areas of our campaigns to increase the number of qualified leads and drive down the cost of acquiring new customers. There is no "set it and forget it" here.


With the campaign running, we analyze the data it regularly produces, searching for opportunities to adjust each aspect of the campaign. This ensures that the campaign will maintain a high level of effectiveness.


We make ourselves accountable to you for the results we've agreed on. We accomplish this by delivering regular campaign reports. This allows everyone involved to see if the strategy and execution are working.

Why Our Client Choose Us

We're not your normal digital marketing agency.

We Launch Campaigns Fast

Campaigns go live in 2-3 weeks for new clients.  Not only that, you'll start to see results right away. No waiting for 90 days, crossing your fingers, hoping we were the right choice for your business.

We Have a Proven Methodology

We get results because we practice constant experimentation with, and optimization of, your campaign. We are not dependent on any outdated strategy or platform; instead, we follow our step by step methodology.

We Keep Increasing Value

The longer we work with our clients, the more value we create. We're not a set it and forget type of agency. There are always ways for us to increase sales, drive more leads, up customer lifetime value, and improve other metrics that are important to your business.

We Show Our Results

We know you want to see the results of the marketing efforts you're paying for. That's why we create daily reports that measure progress toward established goals. This way, you can see if we are on target to reach your intended outcome of working with us.


What some of our clients have to say about working with us...

I was very impressed with the the way Bluhook kept us constantly informed with the status of our rankings and always produced excellent results.

Caliph Herald
Herald Square

Bluhook has in-depth knowledge about Google search ranking factors, and they provide clear-cut strategies that bring quality results fast. Highly recommended.

Gregory Ortiz
Only Source

I highly recommend BluHook. They'll definitely take your business to the next level. They are always up to date on the latest marketing strategies and  to meet their client’s goals.

Jason Healey
J2H Digital

We consulted with Bluhook for one of our challenging client issues and their insights and advice helped us to bring about swift and effective resolution. I highly recommend Bluhook.

Shiv Kotagal
Radin Technologies

The team at Bluhook is very talented and helpful. Their work is second to none and you will be surprised how he can get your website noticed. I highly recommend.

Kantanan Garfield
Stay 1st Rank

It was a pleasure to work together with the guys at Bluhook. The results we experienced were beyond our expectations. They make the impossible possible!

Kevin Littlejohn
Marketing Menager

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