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Google Maps Ranking

Want to see your business rank higher in Google Maps? You've found the solution. Our ongoing Google Maps optimization and maintenance increase your local search visibility and drives more phone calls and website visits.

Why your business needs to rank in Google Maps.


If your business is not showing up in the top three positions of Google Maps for your local area you're missing out on lot of revenue.

GMB is Essential for Local Business

When you’re a local business, you need to ensure customers can easily find you around your location. These days the best way to accomplish this is by ranking in the top three spots in Google Maps. We predictably make this happen by optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) listing along with other proven strategies.

GMB is a free tool that enables users to find and contact local businesses. Although there are many online local directories like Bing Map and Apple Map, GMB is the most popular, responsible for driving 80% of local targeted traffic to neighborhood businesses.

We have seen many businesses close up for good due to lack of new customers, and others brought back to life in no time at all with the strategic use of GMB and Google Maps.

If you are not leveraging GMB, you're missing out on a huge opportunity; it's time to get started. If you have your GMB listing active, it is time to optimize it and increase the number of people calling and visiting your website and location.

What's included in our Google Maps ranking service?

Local Citations
We'll make sure your business is accurately listed in up to 85 of the key online directories.
Geo-Grid Optimization
We optimize your profile by GPS coordinates resulting in your profile being seen in a wider area.
Review Management
We'll quickly respond to reviews for your locations and alert you when one needs your attention.
GMB Profile Photos
Data enriched images uploaded to your GMB listings weekly.
GMB Posting
We create and post a content calendar for your locations that showcases your best reviews, industry news and more.
FAQ Posting
A consistent drip of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) posted to your GMB helps increase monthly GMB activity.
We'll configure a monthly report to be delivered to you (or white labeled for your clients) showcasing your recent GMB victories.
Account Manager
You'll have access to an account manager that will be able to give you updates and make changes to your strategy.
Monthly Maps Ranking
Charged monthly
Complete Listing Optimization
Weekly GMB Photos and Posts
Weekly GeoGrid Optimization
Weekly FAQ Posting
Local Citations and Branded Accounts
Monthly report & video review
Accelerated Maps Ranking
Single and 2x payment options
First six months of Monthly GMB
Expedited In 60 To 90 Days
30% discount off Monthly GMB
Everything in Monthly GMB
Plus extra citations
Plus an extra press release, and more!
Best Value

Not sure where to start?

We get it. All this digital markeing stuff is complicated. Scheduling a consultation call with us and will give you a clear marketing action planto grow your business by.

Common Questions

What is Google My Business?
Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool offered by Google to enable business owners to list their business across all its platforms, such as Google Search and Google Maps. Claiming and setting up your business on GMB allows your business to be found online easily. It also allows you to introduce your business to prospective customers through images, videos, reviews, questions and answers, and so on.

GMB serves two purposes. It allows business owners to tell customers about their business and customers to learn about and vet businesses through descriptions, reviews, and ratings.

GMB is vital for local businesses because it is one of the main avenues to get new leads and customers. A strong GMB page provides the opportunity of appearing in the local listing or three-pack listing that is seen on the first page of a search result. Making it to the three-pack listing has the potential to increase your leads and conversion rate exponentially.

GMB is a key marketing tool for local businesses to survive and excel in the digital age.
What are the top 10 GMB ranking factors?
The top 10 ranking factors for GMB are as follows. (Note: the factors are listed in no particular order.)
  • Distance from the person searching.
  • The relevance of your business to the search.
  • Presence of photos.
  • Reviews,  including review velocity and review diversity.
  • The number of citations; consistency of business details across platforms.
  • Keyword optimization.
  • Backlinks to your website.
  • Clickthrough rate, dwell time, etc.
  • The organic rank of your website.
  • Social signals. High engagement on social media can push up your local search ranking, although it remains unclear how this works.
What are GBM reviews and how do I get them?
GMB has a review feature where customers can leave a review for your business. Reviews have a large influence on how your business ranks on Google.  

Unlike Yelp, which bars business owners from approaching customers for reviews, Google has an open policy that encourages them to do so as long as they do not violate the company’s rules. One way to get more reviews is by asking customers directly for feedback after interacting with your business.

We have software available that automates review requests and collection. You can learn more about it here.
How long will it take to get results?
Within one to two weeks, you will see noticeable improvements while viewing your Google My Business Insights analytics.

You will continue to see gradual improvement as we continue to optimize your GMB listing each month.

Of course, we'll send you a monthly report that will highlight the results of the GMB optimization.
I don't have a physical store. Can I still register and use Google My Business?
While Google requires you to have a physical address to list your business, it is possible to register yourself even if you do not have a storefront/workshop/dedicated workplace. This is applicable to trades or professionals whose business model is based on providing goods or services exclusively at the customer’s location (such as plumbing and HVAC experts).

In such cases, you may submit your residential address for verification and hide it on the page. This will prevent customers from landing up at your house. In the absence of a work address, you can ask your customers to get in touch with you through phone, email or website. Bear in mind that you will simultaneously need to add a coverage area to your profile.

Here is how this can be done:
  • Go to your GMB dashboard and navigate to the Address field. You will see a box that says “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location.” Check this box.
  • Next, an option will appear asking you whether you want to hide your address. Check this box as well.
  • You will also be asked to define your service area. Add the relevant details to inform your customers about your areas of delivery/service.
In order to be eligible for a GMB listing, you must have a business that involves direct face-to-face interaction with people. This makes online businesses ineligible for listing. However, Google makes certain exemptions for places such as ATMs and mail drop boxes. But the listings must be accompanied by phone numbers to enable customers to call for help.


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